Patron Corporate Member

  • 8 corporate cards (each card allows entrance free of cost for 4 persons and is transferable within the institution)
  • 8 family memberships, whose benefits are:
    • Free and unlimited admission to the museum for one year for 5 persons
    • Subscription to the museum’s calendar of events
    • Exclusive pin for members
    • Invitation to the Christmas Party for members and sponsors
    • Invitation to openings of exhibitions
    • Discount on space rental when you choose to celebrate your private event at the MAPR
    • 10% discount on courses and workshops
    • 20% discount in your first purchase at the MAPR Store, and 10% in the following
    • 20% discount at the MAPR Store when you renew your membership
  • 60 courtesy passes
  • 7% discount in the rental fee of facilities for your event
  • 8 invitations for the Annual Corporate Recognition Event
  • 8 invitations for exclusive events for sponsors
  • 4 catalogs of exhibitions presented by MAPR
Duration: 1 year
Price: $7,500.00